Android Example of a Zoomable Game Board

In this article, I describe how I built a simple game board in Android. The sample app shows a grid of squares that represents a game board. The squares on the game board come from an array of image tiles. The grid can be zoomed in or out and moved. Touch events are triggered when squares are touched. Regular and long press are handled. With this sample as a starting point, it should be easy to build a game that uses a board of squares.

For more information about this sample app, read the blog article at

Source code for this demo app is attached below. The zip holds a project folder for Eclipse. Be sure to do a clean build in Eclipse after you import the project.

(Note: The best place to download the zip is on this page. Click the download icon below to download. In some browsers (Chrome), if you click the zip file name first, you will find yourself on a page where the download links do not work. )
Bill Lahti,
Nov 5, 2015, 11:57 AM