Double Star II - Space Game

Double Star is a turn-based, single player, space war game. In the game, you are captain of a powerful starship. Your mission: Search the stars, find the alien home world, destroy their world. 

Game preview:

Double Star is a new game, but has a little bit of a retro feel. It is available for Android and IOS phones and tablets. 

Long Ago ... When the Galaxy Itself Was Retro

For more information, click: (1) Double Star for Android (2) Double Star for iOS 

Wing Leader 

Wing Leader is a simple racing game for the whole family. Bees race to the hive, collecting nectar from flowers along the way. You race an AI bee, but compete worldwide on time. Your goal is to be the fastest bee in the world … the Wing Leader.

To play the game, download it from the store: Wing Leader on Google Play. 

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Gomoku League - Android App

Gomoku League is available on Google Play. 

    (click image  to see Gomoku League on Google Play)

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