Double Star II

NEW!  The Double Star game has been completely rewritten. It is now available as "Double Star II" on Google Play.  Double Star II has the same storyline as the original game:

Double Star is a turn-based, single player, space war game for Android devices. In the game, you command a powerful starship. You must first save our planet from the alien invasion. Then you search the galaxy for the home world of the invaders so you can destroy them once and for all.

In Double Star II, you are captain of a powerful starship. Your mission: Search the stars, find the alien home world, destroy their world. 

Fast-paced space adventure

Watch the trailer and try the game. 
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Early access testing of Double Star for iOS has started. The game is available via Apple's TestFlight app.
Instructions for joining the testing group are here:

The early access version is the full game. All twenty levels are available. The app is complete except for access to leaderboards on Game Center.


The original Double Star game was released in February, 2016.  

It is essentially the same game as the new Double Star II game, which was released in October, 2018.  However, the quality of the graphics and user interface does not match the newer edition. Still, if you'd like to try the old, it is still available. To install the 2016 edition, go to the Double Star 2016 on Google Play and click “Install”.