Moving Views in Android - Part 3, Drop Zones

For a write-up on this demo, see "Moving Views In Android - Part 3"  on Bill Lahti's blog.

To download the source code for this demo app, click the attachment link below. is an improved version of this demo. Its menu allows you to change what kind of touch starts a drag operation. You can switch between a long click (touch) and any touch.

If you find that the app does not build in Eclipse, be sure to do a clean build by using the “Clean” item on the Project menu.

(Note: The best place to download the zip is on this page. Click the download icon below to download. In some browsers (Chrome), if you click the zip file name first, you will find yourself on a page where the download links do not work. )

Bill Lahti,
Mar 9, 2012, 3:38 AM