Starship Alpha Test

Alpha test has started for the Starship app from Starship is a turn-based, single player, space war game. In the game, you command a powerful starship. You must first save our planet from the invasion. Then you search the galaxy for the home world of the invaders so you can destroy them once and for all.

Starship is available for Android phones and tablets. To try the app, go to the Starship app community page and request an invitation.  


The game begins with you in training. You take on training missions that allow you to advance through the ranks of Weapons Officer, Navigator, Commander, and finally, Captain.  Upon promotion to Captain, you command a very powerful starship. Your mission is to find and destroy alien starships that have invaded the galaxy. 



Youtube preview:

Starship: Save the Galaxy

Alpha Test Goals

The purpose for alpha test is to test basic game playability. All of the game features are in place, but you will note that game graphics are very basic. Improved graphics are on the way. Look for better graphics in the Beta test version, which should be available July - August 2014.

Leaderboards for this app are provided via Google+. You can track your advancement through the ranks and see where you stand against all players or against those in your circles.  In-app purchases are not supported yet, although you can still upgrade your starship by spending imaginary "alpha dollars" to purchase game coins and crystals.

Alpha test for this app is open to anyone with an Android device.  To join, go to the community page for the Starship Alpha Test and request an invitation. Click "Ask to Join". After joining, you should have access to the test version of the app by clicking the following link on your Android device:

Thank you for supporting us through development with your comments, questions, and feedback. We really appreciate your ideas and suggestions.