Double Star II

Double Star is a turn-based, single player, space war game for Android and iOS devices. In the game, you command a powerful starship. You must first save our planet from the alien invasion. Then you search the galaxy for the home world of the invaders so you can destroy them once and for all.

Latest Release - Version 2.2.0


Several major bugs were reported in playing at Level 5, which is the first level that the alien Supercommander ship appears. Bugs: (1) Phantom alien ships were appearing on screen but they could not be fired on; (2) The Chart view would not display information because the constellation of interest on level 5 had so many stars in it; (3) the Transport command could not be used to pick up bonus items from the beacon planet. 

Those problems are fixed. You may now resume your search for the alien home world. Save the galaxy.