A fun little strategy game with dots ... but then the Thump monsters join in. Uh-oh!

This is a game in an imaginary world where you hop around a board collecting points, all the while avoiding the playful Thump creatures chasing you.

You play the game as "Hop". Your AI opponent is "Skip". The object of the game is to jump around on the game board, collect points, and outscore Skip. And, to make the two-player strategy game more interesting, there are additional AI creatures on the board. They add the "Thump" to the game.

Early Access - Android

The Early Access release for Android is now available in the Google Play store. The basic game is there. Expect some changes in graphics and animation. Here are the links for game. Installation from the Google Play Store is just like any other app. There are two variations of the game on Google Play:

Early Access - iPhone

To try the iOS version, you must be registered as a test user. Please send an email to blahti@wglxy.com and ask to join the beta test. The iOS version is available using the iOS TestFlight app.

Demo Videos