Deceptively tricky, turn-based strategy game. You might beat Skip on his own, but are you smart enough to win when the Thump monsters invade?

Google Play - Android

App Store - iOS

Steam - PC, Mac

You play this turn-based, puzzle-like strategy game as a rabbit named "Hop".  Your AI opponent is "Skip". The object of the game is to jump around on the game board, score points, and beat Skip. Also on the board are playful AI creatures called “Thump". Some move about randomly while others actively try to block your moves. And beware the red ones. If they touch you, you are thumped and lose a turn.


Review Comments

"Super charming and relaxing, but deceptively tricky. Lots of hidden strategies and 'gotcha' moments. Very fun!"

"It’s one of those games that seems simple at first but is so polished and well thought through that it’ll keep you very busy for a while."

"Good for long and short play-sessions alike. This is what mobile games should be."

"A delightful game with varied levels and beautiful graphics. A simple concept with low floor, but high ceiling as new challenges are added in the higher levels. I particularly liked level 17, pitting Hop against Skip with no monsters. It seemed too simple but the clever AI made it the toughest level for me."

"Fun to play; quick gratification. Easy to get started and learn as you go."

"A clever puzzle-like game with a creative mechanic! Hop Skip and Thump has been quite fun so far, would recommend for anyone looking for a short, clever diversion."


The game currently supports the English language only