Gomoku League

There are reaction games, and there are thinking games. Gomoku is definitely a thinking game. It is a two person strategy game with simple rules. The goal is to get five markers in a row before your opponent does.

In Gomoku League, the game itself  will definitely challenge you. There are four levels of AI play — from beginner to advanced. You will have no trouble finding an opponent that will test your skill.

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What’s different about Gomoku League? It’s a league. You play games against the other players. But those players can play each other too. That’s a way for you to learn to play a better game. And oddly enough, it’s fascinating to watch two AI players battle it out — especially at high speed. Entire games unfold in under a minute. Turn two AI’s loose and let them play. Then go back and watch the replay to see how the winner did it.

So, in Gomoku League, it’s more than just the game of Gomoku. It’s a league. Your goal is first place. You’ve got to win games to do that, certainly. However, sometimes it’s what happens in the games you’re not in that’s important. If the league leader loses a tough match to another AI player, that’s good for you. That player’s rating and record take a hit, and you’re a little bit close to being the Gomoku master of your Android device.

You’ll keep coming back for more — for challenging games, and for the battle to the top of the league.

Free Download

Gomoku League is  a free Android app. It’s small and fast. Download and enjoy.