Two Player Variations of Life

There are a number of two player variations on Conway's Game of Life.

  • Turn-based game. Start from a configuration. On a player's turn, he or she must kill one enemy cell and must change one empty cell to a cell of their own color. Compute next generation. Compete for N turns. [Source: Cornell blog]
  • Turn-based game. Each player places 40 pieces. Run for 500 generations. [Source: hackerrank]
  • Turn-based game on a 5x5 board. Each player secretly places 3 pieces. Then they alternate turns. Place a new piece and run next generation. Game continues until no more live pieces. [Source: Life for Two]
  • Players gain points for going across the opponent's side. The players have the ability to continuously create live cells within their starting-area. [Similar to this game: Game of Bigotry]
  • Game of Life and Death [Source:] This one has rules similar to the Cornell game for two people. It's in the iphone App Store.
  • Another two person game. This one includes some randomness when both white and black have three neighbors. [Source: p2Life]
  • Multiplayer Game of Life [Source:]


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