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Hop Skip and Thump

A fun little strategy game with dots, but then the Thump monsters join in. Uh-oh!

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Thump monsters turn what at first appears to be a simple strategy game into something more challenging. Play as Hop. Jump around and outscore Skip to win. Dodge Thump monsters chasing you and blocking your moves. Outsmart Skip on an ever-changing board. Charming and relaxing, but deceptively tricky.


This is a game in which you hop around a board collecting points, all the while avoiding the playful Thump creatures chasing you.

There are green, yellow, and red Thump sprites. The green ones wander around the board and occasionally get in your way. Yellow ones actively try to block your jumps. The red ones are the worst. They block you and also touch you, causing you to lose a turn.


Turn-based, Relaxing, Peaceful, Just Enough Challenge, Single Player, Family-friendly




What is the profile of your target user?

  • The game is primarily intended for players who enjoy relaxing, turn-based strategy games.
    Both young and old players are the target users. The w
    hole family will enjoy the game.

What makes Hop Skip and Thump different?

  • It is a family-friendly strategy game ... with a twist. You play Hop. You compete against the computer, playing as Skip. The twist comes from the playful Thump monsters. Your strategy is much harder to execute with Thump chasing you around the game board.

What is the motivation and inspiration for this game?

  • Motivation
    I wanted to build a casual strategy game as compelling as games like Two Dots on mobile platforms. The game is easy to get started. You can make pretty good moves right from the start. The game moves quickly. Your score changes with every move and you learn very early on that there are only so many turns to accomplish your goals. Over time you learn the subtleties of the game. The game is colorful and levels can be completed in just a few minutes, if you can figure out how to get enough points. The end result is a game that is relaxing and challenging at the same time.

I also wanted to design a game that was more than fun. I wanted people to feel moments of joy while playing it. That aspect of the game was inspired by a Ted talk about joy. (See Ingrid Fetell Lee, “Where Joy Hides and Where to Find it”, Hop Skip and Thump incorporates many of the things that elicit joy. Boards are colorful. Dots explode like fireworks. Confetti flies when you win.
Some of the feedback on the game suggests that moments of joy are being experienced. (See below.)


"Super charming and relaxing, but deceptively tricky. Lots of hidden strategies and 'gotcha' moments. Very fun!"

"It’s one of those games that seems simple at first but is so polished and well thought through that it’ll keep you very busy for a while."

"Good for long and short play-sessions alike. This is what games should be."

"A delightful game with varied levels and beautiful graphics. A simple concept with low floor, but high ceiling as new challenges are added in the higher levels. I particularly liked level 17, pitting Hop against Skip with no monsters. It seemed too simple but the clever AI made it the toughest level for me."

"Fun to play; quick gratification. Easy to get started and learn as you go."

"Great game - challenging!"

"A clever puzzle-like game with a creative mechanic! Hop Skip and Thump has been quite fun so far, would recommend for anyone looking for a short, clever diversion."


Rapid Preview of Levels 1-40

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  • Hop Skip and Thump
    Turn-based strategy game. You play as Hop against Skip. Jump around the board and outscore Skip to win. Dodge playful Thump sprites chasing you and blocking your moves. Outsmart Skip on an ever-changing board. Super charming and relaxing, but deceptively tricky with lots of hidden strategies. (This game is available on Google Play and the App Store. Coming soon to Steam.)

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